Milo Tilo

Halfling College of Lore Bard/Entertainer


Personality Trait: Nobody stays angry at me for long, since I can defuse any amount of tension
Ideals: Tradition – The stores, legends, and songs of the past must never be forgotten. They teach us who we are.
Bonds: My instruments are my most beloved treasures. They hold my dearest possible memories of my adventures and loved ones.
Flaws: I secretly seek to become a legend just like the stories of old far too eagerly and often disregard danger.


Performed for nobles in the town of Tali. After this performance ended, an ornate purple handkerchief was thrown on stage. This handkerchief was embroidered with the name Cadgar. Milo also owns a brass pocket watch with the initials “T.G.” engraved in it.

Songs of Old

List of Songs discovered.

Milo Tilo

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