Session 5

The Duel

The party arrives at the dueling grounds as the mysterious mage that accompanies the Baron conjures up a deadly arena for Gelth and the Goliath Champion. The two were set to fight on a teetering platform over a pit of spikes. Once the duel began, the two warriors clashed several times before Gelth finally defeated his hulking opponent; with a little spellcasting assistance from Milo Tilo and Splash, of course. The Baron, true to his word, gave up the hand of Velveeta and angrily wandered back to his mansion. The party began making preparations to leave, but not before Glumbright could meet up with his old “friend”.

The Ring and the Deal

Glumbright, after asking around town, found the worn down house of ex-mayor of Tali. After learning about his downfall after his ring was stolen, Glumbright devised a scheme to earn some land in exchange for the ring that was already in his possession.



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