Session 4

Preparing for a Fight

The party begins searching for ways to defeat the Purple Dragons. Milo Tilo attempts to recruit others to the town militia. He managed to get the attention of 10 shifty looking gentlemen in the Star and Horn, led by a man named Garnoss. Milo refused their offer to join, as he believed they were far too shady. Milo then managed to get the assistance of several townsfolk in the fight against the Purple Dragons. During this time, Bemish managed to get a prosthetic arm crafted by the Wrong brothers and the town blacksmith. Peekay assisted during this endeavor and learned how to make the arm herself.

Trouble in the Dark

Glumbright managed to meet up with Garnoss and his gang outside the tavern. The two discussed making money by stealing weapons from the town barracks. Upon agreeing to this job, Glumbright went about breaking into the barracks at night. He managed to steal one longsword, but kept the door to the barracks unlocked. Later, Francis the blacksmith was being threatened by the gang of thieves and the party intervened, slaying two of them in the process. Later, the party and Tough Gal would be attacked by the gang while they were training on top of the town walls. The gang would flee into the fog as soon as things took a turn for the worse, however.

The Cavalry Arrives

At dawn, the party heard the sound of hooves hitting dirt from the east. When they ran atop the town walls, they saw 20 horsemen with white banners adorned with a red moon galloping to the front gate. With the horsemen were Jack and Velveeta. The two successfully got support from Tali, but with a mysterious price Velveeta wished to speak about with Milo at a later time. The Cavalry claimed to defeat most of the Purple Dragons, with those remaing fleeing into the wilderness. The commander of the cavalry, a Tiefling by the name of Gregory Strongarm, took his men to the Star and Horn to celebrate their victory and the engagement of the Baron to a new woman: Velveeta. Milo tried fighting for Velveeta, where he learned only those of noble lineage could challenge the Baron over the hand of Velveeta.

A New Member makes a Splash

With amazing timing, a young Half Elf Noble from Bliss, Splash Robinson, entered the Star and Horn, claiming that Milo was in fact a noble from the North. Sir Strongarm, surprised, demanded to see both of their papers. Splash presented his own papers and then lied to Strongarm claiming that Milo simply forgot his. Strongarm then claimed that if Milo would fight for Velveeta, he would need to quickly head to Tali and challenge the Baron to a duel. Splash would then help Milo forge noble papers, and the party ran toward Tali.

Tali and the Baron

The party made it to Tali during an extraordinarily foggy day and rushed to the Baron’s manor. The home was beautifully built and carved into a tree, with several floors and magical lighting. Upon entering they were met by the butler and brought to the Baron’s court. Milo challenged the Baron to a duel, to which the Baron agreed. He chose his champion, a hulking Goliath to fight in his place. Milo chose Gelth to fight for him, and Gelth agreed. The Baron demanded to wait until the fog lifted and in the mean time had a feast conjured up by his adviser, a mysterious spellcaster. The fog lifted and the party were escorted outside.



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