Session 3

Trouble in the Crystal Mines

The party began their descent into the Crystal Mines only to find movement in a crack covered in webs on their way down. As the party waited, prepared for a battle, an emaciated goblin burst from the webs screaming, only to be pulled back into the crack. Bemish shoots an arrow with a note attached to the top of the cavern, where the rest of the party waited for signs of safety. The arrow landed firmly in the upper minecart rails, causing the rails to become horribly unstable. The rest of the party came gathered in front of the cave however, as they lit the webs on fire. They then unleashed the minecart down the rails, but unfortunately, the cart crashed into a cavern wall, causing stones and crystals to rain down on the tracks, destroying much of them. The party then scrambled to find safety as the tracks collapsed. Eventually, the party wandered into the previously web-filled crack and defeated the giant spider that lay within. Between the webbing, dead goblins, and the spider’s corpse, the party found a ring and an ancient looking barrel. With proper investigation, they discovered that the barrel was actually some sort of vehicle. The group then left to find the diamond that they entered the mines for. They found a large diamond in an ornate wall carving with several carved dwarves reaching for the gem. Bemish took the diamond only to find the dwarvish carvings were actually skeletons placed into the wall. The party defeated them handily and and took the diamond with them.

Underdark Encounters

As the party was leaving, they found a secret door that opened into a hallway that traveled downward for quite some time. At the end of the hallway was a huge cavern, with some sort of town inside. Stone approached the town only to be stopped by two Duergar guards. Stone fled the town, and the party sealed off the hallway before they left the Crystal Mines.

No Time to Rest

The party returned to Pinewood with the diamond, and the materials for Boom Tube powder, with great haste. Glumbright left the vehicle in the temple under the watchful eye of Beatrice. The party rests for the night only to awaken to a crowd in the center of town. Three bandits, who claim to be part of the Purple Dragons, are reading a letter demanding the town surrender to them by week’s end. Bemish immediately shoots the bandit reading the letter, as the bandits all flee, Bemish and Stone make chase. Meanwhile, Milo manages to create a town militia, but only with two members, Tough Gal and Ting.

The Purple Dragons

Stone and Bemish find the three bandits only to be knocked out by four archers hiding in the trees. When the two awaken they are hanging upside down over a fire in the middle of a camp. Everyone that surrounded them was wearing purple to some degree, and they hear a voice bellow out “Bring them down”! Stone and Bemish are approached by a burly looking man with a ragged axe. He introduces himself as Lance Guy, leader of the Purple Dragons. He repeats his demands, and requests that the two bring word to the town to surrender. Both spit in Lance’s face, he spares Bemish, but cuts off his arm with his axe. Stone, however, was beheaded.

Help Wanted

Milo sends Jack and Velveeta to Tali to request help from the nobles there. Meanwhile, in the Star and Horn, Glumbright approaches Tough Gal as she carves a “T.G.” into the bar, much to Dawson’s dismay. After a short conversation, Glumbright steals her gold pouch and walks off. During this time, Peekay discovers how to create the explosive powder used in the Boom Tubes and names the concoction “Sploosh”. Hours later, Tough Gal and Ting spot an unconscious Bemish in front of the town gates. He utters regrets before passing out again.



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