Session 2

The Show Must Go On…

Upon Thorin informing the town of the imminent goblin threat, the festivities of the festival began to fall apart. Thorin, Milo, and Peekay gathered a town meeting to decide how to handle the menace. Milo Tilo convinced everyone willing to listen that the goblins weren’t actually that big of a threat and that the Harvest Moon Festival should continue. With most of the crowd no longer fearing a goblin attack, Thorin went to the sewers to seal entry way to the underdark by himself.


Brennen Glumbright left the sewers with Gelth, hearing goblins approach. In an attempt to defend the towns people who were absolutely oblivious to the situation, the three adventures stood against an unknown number of goblins hiding in the shadows of the sewers. The goblins launched arrows at Brennen and Gelth, Brennen being wounding him gravely. Brennen ran away from the sewers into an ally way to be struck down by a Goblin. Gelth in the mean time, was trying to reconvene with Peekay, Milo, and the new adventurer : Bemish Saradel. The sound of fireworks exploding was followed by the collapse of an old ruined tower in the center of town, rendering Milo unconscious. Acting quickly, Peekay restored some life into Milo. Bemish located the goblins that set off the fireworks. He let his arrows fly, slaughtering all goblins near the fireworks in the process.

A Kiss in Chaos.

After Milo came to, he looked around for familiar faces that were in danger. He spotted Velveeta being held down by two goblins wielding knives. Milo hummed a tune, knocking the goblins and Velveeta unconscious. Milo rushed to Velveeta’s side and woke her up. Shocked and confused, Velveeta screamed as loud as she could until Milo kissed her. Milo and Peekay then slaughtered the two sleeping goblins.

Target Acquired.

Upon killing the three goblins using fireworks, he began looking for the leader of the goblins. Searching through the frantic crowds he found the goblin leader holding Tang. Bemish can’t save everyone. He drew back his bowstring and let go, with the arrow missing. Tang was stabbed through the back with a scimitar. Enraged, Bemish fired a barrage of arrows until he was rendered unconscious. He then gathered the goblin up and tied him to a post for further interrogations.

A True Friend.

During all the chaos, Gelth frantically looked for his dear friend Brennen. Gelth fought through a few goblins to find Brennen’s corpse. Desperate, Gelth rushed Brennen’s body to the church where he met Beatrice. Beatrice promised to bring Brennen so long as they get her a new diamond. Using a spare diamond, Beatrice breathed life back into Brennen. Brennen alive and well, thanked Beatrice and promised to return with a new diamond.

A Burning Hatred.

Infuriated by his defeat to mere goblins, Brennen found a new displeasure with goblins. He spotted the Goblin leader tied to a pole in town spitting and insulting those who were near. He walked up and slit the goblin’s throat without hesitation. With the goblin leader dead, Brennen knew that it was only the beginning…. that all goblins must pay.

So… What now?
With the immediate goblin threat gone, the towns folk praised Milo, Peekay, Brennen, Gelth, and Bemish for saving their town. However, a new question was brought up. What to do about the hole to the Underdark. An argument ensued over allying with goblins or the spiders, slaughtering either group when suddenly an explosion erupted from within the sewers. Tang’s wife, Oranga, used the left over fireworks to seal the hole to the underdark. The towns folk devoted their attention to finding a new means of defense should the goblins return.

Two Oddities

It was suggested by Dawson that the new towns protectors should be two halfling brothers who live on the outskirts of town. Hearing this news, the adventurers set out to recruit the brothers in hopes of protecting the town from further destruction. As they approached the house a loud boom was heard followed by a halfling flying towards them. The brothers were testing out their newest invention: the boom tube. After a small conversion, the brothers seemed quite eager to come to the towns aid and literally flew towards town. With their vehicle quickly crashing down, the adventurers and the brothers traveled side by side into town.

A Diamond is…

The brothers quickly began setting up shop and building up the towns defenses. With the brothers beginning progress, the adventurers were asked to retrieve algae from the algae cave to create more boom tubes. They entered Gelth’s cave and scavenged enough algae for the brothers. The adventurers did not leave immediately, Gelth moved a boulder in the back of his cave so that the adventurers could enter the mines and retrieve a diamond for Beatrice.



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