Session 1

Adventure Begins

Misadventures in Pinewood

The story begins in Pinewood with a sketchy looking dwarf, Glumbright, planning out his next heist. He awaits in a shady alley overlooking the preparations for the Harvest Moon Festival. He is hungry and the smell of his favorite food is thick on the air as it cooks in a nearby stall. Unfortunately, a halfling, Milo Tilo, walks between him and his target, obscuring his view of the delicious food.

The Flute Stall

Milo Tilo has been looking all over for a new wooden flute worthy of his musical prowess. Across the town square he sees a flute stall. Three flutes catch his eye, one carved to look like a dragon, one to look like a lizard, and one to look like a spine coated in glitter. After making some small talk with the stall owner, Velveeta, Milo purchases the dragon flute and the glitter flute. He begins by playing the glitter flute, and to his surprise a cloud of glitter erupts from the flute creating a distraction in the town square.

The Raccoons

Glumbright has spotted his opportunity. Using the cloud of glitter as a smokescreen, he deftly steals three steaks garnished with oranges from the nearby food stall. He takes them back to the alley and begins eating one of them. He hears some shuffling from nearby and sees two large, feral looking raccoons scale the nearby wall. They lunge for his steaks. One of the raccoons is successful and runs into town with the prized food. Glumbright takes chase, all the while blaming the raccoons for stealing the steaks in the first place.

The Star and Horn

Meanwhile, the local alchemist, Peekay, was delivering her ground daisies to the local tavern, the Star and Horn. After she received her payment, she noticed a hulking figure drinking the tavern’s most powerful drink, the Hornblaster. This figure was an outlander, Gelth, who lived in a cave outside of town. He came to town to celebrate the Harvest Moon Festival. Suddenly a ruckus could be heard from outside the tavern. The two burst outside the tavern only to see a raccoon on top of the ruined tower at the center of town.

A Misunderstanding…

Peekay immediately tries to throw a rock to knock the raccoon off the tower, only to miss drastically and strike Milo Tilo in the back of the head. He drops dragon flute, breaking a wing in the process. On the other side of the tower, Glumbright and Tang, the owner of the food stall, are trying to throw butcher knives at the thieving raccoon. Glumbright misses as well, landing a glancing blow against Gelth. While Milo Tilo and Peekay were arguing over compensation for the broken flute, the raccoon finished his steak and dashed to the ground, taking the broken wing of the flute with him. He rushed for the sewers, leaving tracks behind him. The party rushed after the raccoon for varying reasons, entering the sewers.

The Sewers

The party, with Gelth leading the search, ran into the sewers. Gelth could hear the raccoon coming from the path on the right, so the party went deeper into the sewers. As they traveled, they realized that the sewers were actually some sunken parts of the old Dwarven ruins of Pinewood. Ignoring the rooms they walked by, they continued deeper into the sewers only to find the raccoon clawing at some crack in a wall at a dead end. They had the raccoon cornered! Milo Tilo rushed into the room to reclaim his flute shard. He was too reckless, however, as he walked directly in front of a pair of crocodiles that claimed the sewers as their home.

The Crocodiles

Battle began with Milo Tilo casting Faerie Fire on the beasts. The crocodiles were lit up with a violet light, making it much easier to hit the beasts in the dark sewers. The crocodiles were no match for the party, however, and one fell quickly. The other, knowing it stood no chance, attempted to flee. It ran directly into Glumbright, being met with a deadly rapier strike to the eye. Milo Tilo, while the last crocodile was being dealt with, rushed after the raccoon. In a failed attempt to tackle the creature, Milo burst through the crack in the wall, opening a path to some cavern where sounds could be heard from. Glumbright loosed an arrow and killed the raccoon, finally ending the chase.

Unfortunate Circumstances

The party decided against exploring deeper into the cavern, opting to speak to the town’s historian, Thorin Sprintek, about the matter instead. Peekay believed the cavern might be some entrance to the Underdark, based on something the historian said to her in passing months ago. The party split up, with half heading to town, and Glumbright and Gelth exploring the left path. Milo and Peekay discovered a gnome hermit, Pim, at the entrance of the sewers as they were leaving. Pim agreed to travel with the two and meet with the historian. Gelth and Glumbright, on the other hand, discovered dwarven carvings depicting the sealing off of a passage to the Underdark somewhere beneath the old fortress. In the rubble they found an old dwarven coin with an anvil engraved in it. As they were leaving the sewers, they heard hooting and screaming from the right path, they knew they had to get out fast.

The Harvest Moon Festival

Thorin told Milo and the group that the wall they opened needed to be sealed off as quickly as possible. During his studies of the ruins, he discovered that there were goblins that had been scouting nearby the crack regularly, to see if there would be anything of interest on the other side. With the wall burst open, the goblins would surely attack the town in moments. Thorin ran into the town square, fireworks bursting to signal the start of the festival, to yell “Goblins”!



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